Introducing Speaksage to Your Company

When introducing Speaksage to your organization, it's crucial to communicate effectively to ensure a successful launch. Here are the key points to cover when crafting your internal communication:

  1. What are you doing?
    1. Explain that the company is launching Speaksage, a platform to build leaders practice hard conversations with realistic voice AI characters.
  2. Why are you doing it?
    1. Highlight the benefits of Speaksage for managers, including:
      1. Opportunity to practice hard conversations judgment-free
      2. Less stress when they're having the real conversations
      3. Faster growth for them as leaders and communicators
    2. Emphasize how Speaksage aligns with the company’s goals for continuous learning and development.
  3. What expectations do you have for your employees?
    1. Encourage frequent use of Speaksage for growth as a leader and communicator.
    2. Suggest a schedule for regular practice sessions.
    3. Encourage them to practice ahead of real-life difficult conversations, like performance reviews or tricky feedback exchanges.

For an additional resource, see this Sample Initial Rollout Email we wrote to help you get started.

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