Speaksage Admin Dashboard

Speaksage offers a dashboard to let administrators manage their organizations. We're still working on this section of the app, so expect major improvements coming soon.

The dashboard is only available to admins in the Speaksage app. If you have the admin role, you'll see an "Admin Dashboard" link at the top of the page.

Currently, there are three sections within the admin dashboard:

  • Users. This section will show a list of the users in your organization, along with their email address, the number of conversations they've practiced, and their last activity on our platform.
  • Single Sign-On. This section lets you add and configure Single Sign-On (SSO) connections. Unless you're an IT expert and know how to configure SSO, we recommend you don't touch this area.
  • Organization Settings. This shows some basic information about your organization, such as its name. Eventually, more settings will live here.

We'll soon be adding usage statistics to the dashboard - stay tuned!

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