Will Speaksage contact my employees?

We know it's important to keep communication cohesive for a great employee experience. That's why we're so deliberate about how and when we contact your employees.

Speaksage will email your employees only to help them get the most value out of our application. That can come in two forms, transactional and proactive:

Transactional: emails that are directly triggered by a user's activity in our application. For example, if they're trying to log in, we may send them a link to complete the login process. Users cannot opt out from these emails.

Proactive: emails that remind the user to practice on Speaksage, or help them understand how to use Speaksage better. For example, an employee might receive an email nudge reminding them to practice if they're falling behind on a set training goal. Users can opt out of these emails.

We will never contact your employees to sell them anything, and we will never pass their information to third parties (besides our subprocessors).

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